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Income Statement

Revenue and other incomeQAR million7,2118,7239,84913,37511,11613,1802018
Operating expensesQAR million1,9572,7772,9583,2903,4553,5664,110
EBITDAQAR million5,2545,9466,89110,0857,6619,61411,757
Profit attributable to shareholdersQAR million4,0844,5525,1657,9565,7697,4049,312

Financial Position

Total assetsQAR million80,83785,943251,860238,193247,318317,604255,948
Current assetsQAR million60,57765,146232,188218,571227,810298,018235,783
Non-current assetsQAR million20,26020,79719,67219,62219,50819,58620,165
Current liabilitiesQAR million55,33757,538222,564203,976210,688278,566213,581
Total debtQAR million6,6156,9217,0263,4093,4221,8601,166
Total equityQAR million17,76420,51821,35929,96232,38437,37540,903


Management anticipates that the adoption of these Standards and Interpretations with the exception of IFRS 9 in future periods will have no material financial impact on the financial statements of the Company in the period of initial application, other than certain presentation and disclosure changes. Management has yet to decide when to adopt IFRS 9 and will only be in a position to assess its potential impact on the financial statements at the time of adoption.

Cash Flows

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Project Management & Consultancy

Since Project Management is, at its core, a process of leading a team to perform their best in support of a common goal, leadership is among the most important things we value and offer. We bring leadership and exceptional real estate construction experience to the management team from the genesis of a project’s idea to assisting in avoiding both financial obstacles and development problems. We organize and coordinate the work of the many participants, thus making their efforts more efficient. We supervise and assist the team planning the project, we document that plan, and oversee its members executing the plan. Mazaya Qatar manages the schedule, ensuring each team member’s efforts are as productive and efficient as possible.

Dividend and Earnings Per Share